Tennis is the best individual sport for children to learn early in life, helping them to:
1. Develop a work ethic through practice which reinforces the value of hard work.
2. Develop discipline by learning to work on their skills and control play in competition.
3. Manage mistakes by learning to play within their abilities, and recover quickly from errors.
4. Accept responsibility for practice, equipment and fair play.
5. Manage adversity by learning to adjust to the elements and conditions of play.
6. Control stress because the physical and emotional stress of play will increase their capacity for dealing with stress effectively.
7. Solve problems and implement strategies as they learn to overcome opponents’ style of play.
8. Develop sportsmanship as they learn to compete fairly, win graciously and lose with honour.
9. Learn teamwork through doubles play which teaches them to communicate with partners and play as a cohesive unit.
10. Develop social skills and have fun through interaction with other players and sharing the enjoyment of the sport’s challenge.

Give your children a natural advantage during their formative years.

Season’s Greetings
Simon Aynedjian and Stelios Christofides – Tennis Zone

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